Trench coats are heavy-duty waterproof raincoats made out of leather, cotton gabardine drill, or poplin and they are much needed in North West Cumbria. Getting its name from the trenches of the First World War because of its use by the army during that period; trench coats have gained popularity as apparel used for fashion statement during the recent years. presents you with the greatest collection of trench coats to choose from. With a detailed product description to go through, makes it an easier job for you. Here are a few tips on how to pick trench coats for the fall from

The classic trench coats have a belt or a tie to tie around the waist. Even though tying the belt is a personal choice as per the person who is wearing it, it is better to avoid the practice by women with large busts or tummies. This is to help you not enhance the part which is already bulked up compared to your counterparts. This can be prevented by tying the belt at the back helping the trench coat to create more shape. There are options such as single and double breasted to choose from. The single breasted trench coats are suited more for petite frames because the fabric content is low in it. Helping to go well with the small frame. Double breasted trench coats are best suited for taller framed women as it contains more fabric, making it perfect for them. Nedo’s ‘Gray Paneled Suede Work Trench Coat With Belt’ is one good choice if you are looking for one of the classics from


The color that suits best for a trench coat are shades of black or blue. I help to bring the look of sophistication without losing points on style. The thigh-length trench coats help give a casual look while the knee length gives out more of a formal vibe. But the style that is catching up is that of draped trench coats. Check out LD’s Black Lapel Folds at to get an idea of how black trenches are one of the safest options.


Another way to flaunt your trench coat is to leave it open and to show the dress you are wearing underneath. Adding more accessories like boots and heels and tight bottoms can bring out the best out of the trench coat look. Jane Story’s H-Line trench coat from gives an idea on the concept of wearing the trench coat open.


It does not matter how stylish it looks if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing. So, the most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a trench coat is to see which one is the most comfortable to you.

Make sure you get yourself the wamest coat you can for this coming fall in North West Cumbria, it can get extremely cold and wet over here.

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