Vortex scopes is one manufacturer that provides gun fanatics with exceptional quality optical rifle scopes. They provide an incredible variety of rifle scopes which are all strategically designed give all gun fanatics the best experience money can buy. Vortex Optical is a confident brand manufacture as they offer all customers a peace of mind as they not only offer the very best prices and an excellent warranty plan.

Currently theses following rifle scope are making head waves, and gun fanatics cannot stop raving about these rifle scopes.


This Crossfire II rifle scopes is a remake of the original Crossfire rifle scope. This rifle scope is sleek and streamline and it is significantly very accurate. This rifle scope is strategically designed for hunting. The Crossfire II is fully multi coated and has excellent light transmission especially for shooting in conditions that offer low light.

This scope is manufactured so well that it features:

  • one inch single piece adjustable aircraft grade aluminium tube
  • capped elevation
  • windage turrets
  • adjustable objective lens
  • fast focusing eye piece
  • variable magnification

With this scope, the marksman can be assured that they will never be out of target range between them and their chosen target.


The Diamondback will give marksman a highly customized reticle, giving them optical clarity and brightness. This rifle scope offers a large field of vision.

This scope is manufactured so well that it features:

  • it has a solid single piece tube that is of aircraft grade aluminium
  • multicoated opticals
  • a fast focus eye piece
  • 2 reticle options
  • offers a precision glide system

This scope is very strong and resistant to recoil, and offers the marksman a much easier focus on its allocated target. It has been precisely designed for all purpose hunting.


This Vortex Viper rifle scope is designed with fully coated multi optics. No need to worry when you want to hunt on those days that offer less light as this scope is specifically designed to offer the marksman a 95% light transmission. The marksman is given a substantial amount of precision of vision.

This scope is manufactured so well that it features:

  • heavy duty force springs
  • glass glide erector system
  • mid dot reticle
  • windage
  • bullet adjustments
  • holdover adjustments

The Vortex Viper rifle scope is designed for those marksmen who love long range shooting and game hunting.

So, my fellow gun fanatics why not pop by to your local gun shop and view the latest ranges of Vortex Optical Scope, most of the scopes can work in kind of weather, these scopes are very reliable, its durable, offers improved clarity and is fog and water resistant. Vortex scopes offers all marksman’s utmost precision and is undoubtable the best rifle scopes on the market.  As a marksman who wants to reach its desired target I can certainly tell you that opting for these brand of scopes is the right choice as you will never go wrong with choosing Vortex Optical Scopes.




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