Barnacle Goose by Barbara BllardThe Solway Firth, placed between Cumbria and European country, is known for its birdlife, particularly within the winter months once quite thirty,000 barnacle geese arrive in late October/early November to pay the winter in a very milder climate than that found on the cliffs of Svalbard (islands between the ocean, Barents Sea, sea, and Norwegian Sea, north of Norway–Spitsbergen is that the best known) or in island wherever they breed on the cliffs. They head back to the cold climes in mid-April.

The small black and white geese got their name as a result of it had been once thought they hatched from barnacles. Gerald of Wales wrote in his medieval Topographia Hiberniae, v. 47, “For they’re born initially like items of gum on logs of timber washed by the waves. Then coarctate in shells of a morpheme they droop by their beaks as if from the bryophyte clinging to the wood so at length in method of your time getting a certain covering of feathers, they either dive off into the waters or fly away into free air.” * the parable was finally ordered to rest in 1891 once the primary nest was found in island.

Barnacle Geese by Barbara Ballard The birds have white faces, a black breast and neck, pale gray higher elements and black, white and gray underneath elements. Their legs and bills area unit black. Their favorite habitats area unit coastal barnacle-goose-3pastures, marshes, and sedgy islands wherever they realize seeds, trefoil and grasses.

They make a range of noises, victimization totally different|completely different} concerns different things. the foremost common sound is ‘gnuk’ that they vary the pitch. typically they repeat the sound apace, and it resembles the shrill yapping that little dogs will build.

Another common sound is ‘hoog’ or ‘hogoog’ thought-about to be a colloquial feeding decision. The young build a better noise, virtually sort of a whistle. once the geese area unit excited, they get terribly buzzing. Like most geese they seldom graze in silence.

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